Behold the cure for cold floors is here with BeauFlor Cushion Vinyl

Behold the cure for cold floors is here
By Delfhin Mugo Daily Nation
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Is your floor too cold, stained, slippery, squeaky, and hard on the feet? Are you wondering what to do with it? Well, wonder no more. Cushion vinyl, the newest technology in flooring, which resembles –and is rolled easily on the floor like— a carpet, comes with a new lease of life for your floor.

The flooring product is not just a solution to all floor headaches that bedevils residents but an eco-friendly solution as well since its bottom layer is made of 95 per cent recycled fiber. Cushion vinyl has five layers unlike a carpet that has one.

“The bottom layer, recycled fiber backing, easily fills into the gaps between tiles and this eliminates the need for grouting,” Mr Amos Kibaru, the CEO of Floor Décor Kenya, told DN2.
The compact layer, he continues, which comes above the fiber layer helps to absorb pressure and prevents substrate deformations. Therefore, the floor underneath, whether wood or ceramic tiles, remains intact and undamaged in case the resident decides to remove the cushion vinyl floor.

On top of the compact layer is the glass fibre mesh layer that prevents excessive expansion and tears. Glass fibre layer precedes the design layer which combines hyper-realistic designs, textures and colours for the cushion vinyl. For instance, the design layer can come in wood, ceramic or stone look. All these designs come in a wide variety of colours to choose from. For a house where most accessories are white, the resident could choose, say, a brown cushion vinyl to complement the accessories, and depending on the wallpapers in the house he or she can choose a stone or wood design vinyl.

Unlike foam backing that encourages penetration of water over time and consequent growth of mildew, cushion vinyl whose backing is textile, is waterproof and does not form mildew on the bottom surface.

Terming cushion vinyl as an all-round floor type, Mr Kibaru says it is ideal for residential areas, offices, hospitals, libraries, hotels and clubs. Singling out hotels and clubs since the interior decoration of these two places needs to constantly change for them to remain attractive and inviting to patrons, he says, “It is expensive to change tiles every now and then in such a place where decoration is quite dynamic. Cushion vinyl would be more ideal since it is cheap, easy to install and comes in a wide variety of designs and colours.”

However, when purchasing cushion vinyl, Mr Kibaru advises individuals to inform the seller where they intend to install the vinyl floor. This is because there are two types of vinyl materials; residential and office vinyl. “The difference is their thickness, where residential vinyl is 0.20mm thick. It is manufactured ideally for low traffic areas. The office vinyl is double the residential in thickness and a bit heavy. It is 0.40mm in thickness,” says Mr Kibaru.

Besides being warm and soft on the foot due to the fibre material used to manufacture it, its top layer, called the wear layer, which is made from polyurethane material, provides resistance to wear and tear that in most cases is occasioned by dragging chairs on the floor or piercing the floor with sharp heals. It also makes it easy to maintain the floor. “You can easily wipe out stains with a wet piece of cloth. The top layer prevents scuffing which is common in wooden tiles,” says Mr Kibaru, adding that walking with sharp heals on it will not leave blemishes behind.

To put it simply, cushion vinyl behaves like a high-density foam mattress that caves in when sat on and regains its shape ones the pressure is off. It comes with a five year warranty.
Cushion vinyl is fire resistance, which means if a resident accidentally drops a red-hot piece of charcoal; the wear layer will not burn immediately to buy some time to put it off. Polyurethane, which manufactures the top layer, is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links; most polyurethanes are thermosetting polymers that do not melt when heated.
Unlike concrete, wood and ceramic tile floors that tend to make noise whenever someone walks on them, especially on heals, cushion vinyl provides a silent floor to a house. This makes it ideal for places such as intensive care units (ICU) and library where dead silence is demanded of visitors.

Since vinyl can laid on top of other floors without damaging it, tenants too can install it in their rented apartments.
“My daughter had hard time crawling on ceramic tiles floor since it was slippery and very cold. Seeing she could not play with her toys comfortably, I took to the internet where I searched for alternative flooring that could cover the entire ceramic tiles floor. That’s how I came across cushion vinyl,” Ms Jema Nkorote told DN2.cushion-vinylcampaign-2-cushion
“It is non-slippery, at least I can attest to that since my daughter has not fallen down yet,” says Ms Nkorote referring to her little daughter who was comfortably playing with her toys on the floor when DN2 visited their rental apartment at Valley Arcade along Gitanga Road.

However, Nkorote’s sister is uncomfortable with her sister’s vinyl floor which seems to fade a bit too fast but blames her sister for using detergents to clean the floor, to which Mr Kibaru says, “Since vinyl does not harbour dust, I would advise her to use liquid soap and vinegar as opposed to powder detergents which have chemicals that can discolour the surface of the vinyl.”

Staying with the same floor type for a long period is both monotonous and boring; therefore, cushion vinyl comes as a relief since homeowners and tenants can now afford to change their floors from time to time. And cushion vinyl does not cost an arm and a leg. A square meter of vinyl, Mr Kibaru says, is going for Sh 1000.

Though, Mr Kibaru, says they have trained personnel whom they link up their clients with for installation purposes, cushion vinyl installation is an easy, do-it-yourself process that any home owner can install with just a little creativity and a few hours to burn.

“You only need a double sided tape, a craft knife, a skirting wood and a door strip to install,” says Mr Kibaru.
To begin with, the subfloor upon which cushion vinyl is to be laid must be clean, smooth and dry. Then, cut the vinyl into the approximate area, allowing for overhang. When this is done, roll the vinyl on and use the craft knife to cut the vinyl at the edges. Alternatively, a straight edge metal or wood and knife can be used to cut in.

Unroll the overhang material and the vinyl will be laid. Use a double sided tape to hold down the vinyl along the perimeter, and at high traffic areas. Also, at the perimeter, a skirting wood, that has a channel for internet cables running along it on the inner side, is used to hold the vinyl firmly on the floor.

Mr Kibaru advises installers to leave a space for expansion between the vinyl and the wall. Once you are done fixing the skirting wood, hammer in the door strip to hold the vinyl firmly at the entrance. In just a couple of hours, you will have a new floor that is not only beautiful but also, depending on your choice, complements the furniture or the wallpaper in the house.

By Delfhin Mugo Daily Nation
Twitter: @delphinmugo
Email: [email protected]

Lets Cover Cold and Slipery Ceramics Tiles with Cushion Vinyl Flooring in Nairobi, Kenya

Its Cold Season again in Kenya and with the global warming its had become more colder on our beloved Country than ever before  … probably wondering what to do with the Cold Ceramic tiles Floor Decor Kenya has brought in a new Product Called Cushion Vinyl Flooring .. you can now cover cold tiles and enjoy a warm beautiful floor with Beau Cushion Rolls made in Belgium.

Renting out an apartment,Office or house sometimes does not give you the chance to explore or rather venture into new home designs, You basically stick to the very same style you found the house in to avoid any issues with your landlord and maintain the chances of getting your deposit back. This unfortunately really limits what you could have going on in your space, considering you are paying for it you basically own it (well at least till the next month’s rent) so I believe most of the time it’s only fair you get to put some modern feel into your space, but who said it has to be a decor touch that requires weeks of construction? Here’s where BeauFlor  Cushion Vinyl Flooring Made in Belgium Distributed by Floor Decor Kenya comes in! Let me ease you into it.

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring in the kitchen

Beautiful Cushion Vinyl Flooring in the Kitchen area

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring in Living Area

Beautifully Installed Cushion Vinyl Flooring in Living Area

Vinyl flooring is a new type if resilient flooring in the market. Resilient flooring has been a round for quite some time being described as simply artificial composite floors such as rubber, plastic, PVC, linoleum. Vinyl is the latest addition to this type of flooring being produced in many parts of the world, especially North America and it makes its debut offering much more style, durability and affordability as compared to its predecessors.

I’m sure when you hear the word, affordable, you want to know exactly how affordable. Well due to the excitement we share for this new flooring product in all our branches Nairobi,Nakuru ,Eldoret ,Kisumu ,Meru and Soon Mombasa  we sure aren’t here to hold back any details. The prices of the Vinyl flooring depends on the wear layer which is determined by the kind of condition the particular floor will be used.

  • The wear layer for moderate traffic area is less and comes with a 5 year warranty guarantee, Wear layer is 0.15MM and  2.5mm thickness and this goes for Ksh.1,000 per sq meter ideal for Residential Homes .
  • The wear layer on a more traffic area is 0.40 mm much more thicker at 3mm and comes with a 10 year warranty guarantee and costs Ksh.2,100 per sq meter.

The beauty of the Cushion Vinyl flooring is that they look exactly like the real deal when well installed. If one wants either in inspire tiles/ceramics  effect or inspire woods floor effect, vinyl flooring provides opportunity for both , they come in rolls of Either 2,3 or 4 meter wide by a length of 30 meters . It’s also an added advantage that they are quite easy to install with no glue needed simply requiring a clean, hard, smooth and dry floor its zero maintenance does not stain and its None slip so its ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchen too.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video on how you can easily install them into your living space

Easy Vinyl Flooring Installation Video

Easy Vinyl Flooring Installation Video

Being an added major plus the Vinyl flooring is cushion based hence soft on the feet and is also very conducive for crawling babies as compared to hard stone/tiled floors.

Cushion based Vinyl Flooring at Floor decor Kenya

Cushion based Vinyl Flooring at Floor Decor Kenya


Thanks to the wear layer, if you end up having spilled drinks maybe during a party or just a clumsy situation (I have these situations a lot) you can simply wipe the spilled drink with no worry of stains forming.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof so it can be placed in any area of your house be it the kitchen, living area or bathroom. For me that saves a lot of time and money instead of looking for different products for different spaces. All you have to do is pick any design from the vast styles available at Floor Decor Kenya in Nairobi. I’ll race you there!


Original PERGO® Laminated Floors No Scratch Test

You are moving stuff around at home, dragging chairs and tables trying to get a new style and design going on for you, then after you are just about done, you step back and take a look at your space….. it is at that very dramatic point you notice all the scratches on your floor. They are all over!!! It’s a total disaster. Well, how about you get to move your stuff around with no restrictions and most importantly no scratches. Thanks to the Original PERGO® laminate floors Made in Belgium and distributed locally by  Floor Decor Kenya, you can have your beautiful wooden floors stay just the same, as good as new.

I have a tiny very creative niece who is at that age where she loves to draw on things! On the walls, on my clothes and yes she does have a go at my tiling too (I’m sure most of you can relate) So she’ll pick up a pen, crayon or a marker (depending on her mood) and draw her ABC’s and 123’s at a corner of the house. This then pushed me  to find a solution because clearly the “stop it” and “don’t do that sweetie” weren’t really working out for me or my tiles.

I made my way to the Floor Decor Kenya website and started having a look at the options they had for me. The beautiful wooden floor laminate available in 84 different design  looked perfect but the major selling point was that they were easy to clean and they acquired no scratches as compared to other products such as Bamboo and the likes in terms of durability.

No scratches on original Pergo laminate flooring

Image Source:

My first thought was take my money!

Me being a firm believer of seeing is believing, most times reading or hearing about something doesn’t really cut it. So here is a link to a demonstrative YouTube video showing the very profound difference in terms of scratch resistance between Floor Decor Kenya’s PERGO® Original Laminate With Titan X  Surface Protection and other Laminate  flooring  products in the market .


If you are aiming for durability then the Original PERGO® Laminate flooring is the thing for you. You don’t have to worry about scratch marks that put off your whole home design and style, how about you save some money and time and go straight for some beautiful wooden PERGO® floors.


Goodbye Cold Tiles, Hello Beautiful Wood Flooring!

Nairobi has proven to have the most random of weathers, its cold one minute and the next its something totally different. So of course its always a horror story  having slept to a fairly warm night and waking up to those ice cold tiles that make you jump right back to bed and begin planning a get out of bed strategy (this ends up with you being late for work or school)

This probably has most of you thinking,

What exactly can we do about this?

Well, how about you laminate those cold floors and say hello to modern style, durability and comfort during those early mornings! It is rare you find comfort and style in one sentence, and this is one rare situation that works out perfectly.

Get amazing laminated floors in Nairobi from Floor Decor Kenya

Beautiful Laminate Flooring in Nairobi

The thing with the original PERGO® laminate is there is no need for major construction or decor changes to have them fixed. So you have tiles, no problem! The laminate floors go right on top perfectly! (I love quick decor fixes)

Take a look at the wooden flooring done in Kenya. It gave the stairway a modern decor and flowed elegantly and in uniformity from the floor up the stair case.


I hate it when I want to get something done in my home but I can’t have it done over the weekend because first you have to get the ‘what’ removed then the ‘what’ put then the ‘other thing’ placed, before you know it, you have a whole month project in your hands, spending a whole lot of coin and next thing your just rushing to have it over with.

Beautiful flooring is definitely going to up your home decor game, so how about you get yourself these gorgeous PERGO® laminated floors in Nairobi from Floor Decor Kenya. They focus on client satisfaction and best believe you as the client will want to laminate your whole life after you see what they can do.

Laminated Open Kitchen Floor

Original PERGO® Luxury Vinyl Flooring Natural Oak Spring Valley Nairobi.

Wooden floors are no longer just a trend people, they are a lifestyle!

Looking forward to seeing you at any Floor Decor Kenya Showroom Country wide .


Floor Decor Kenya Projects – Our Story, Video

See our journey through various projects in the video below.

For a room that is stylish and easy to clean, consider laminate flooring

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WHEN IT COMES to home flooring, clients are spoilt for choice. From plain concrete to elegant patterned wooden or ceramic tiles, the varieties are limitless. However, every type of flooring material has its pros and cons. For instance, concrete floors absorb moisture, have little variety and offer little insulation against sound and heat.

Meanwhile, ceramic tiles are hard on the heels, can be too cold for comfort during the rainy season, and  are unforgiving to breakables such as glass and pottery that might accidentally land on them.

Solid wood flooring is often shunned by the environmentally conscious, while carpets, though adding to the overall aesthetics, tend to accumulate dust and sometimes harbour pathogens.

With the foregoing, laminate flooring seems to be an ideal compromise.

Mr Amos Kibaru, the CEO of Floor Décor Kenya, defines laminate flooring as “a hybrid, high- density fibre board that combines wood fibres with melanin resin”.

The material, which can be made to look like hardwood, stone or ceramic tiles, has a smooth finish that makes it relatively more attractive. A visit to Floor Décor Kenya’s show-room reveals a wide variety of patterns and designs to choose from.

“The design options we offer are limitless, making our product suitable for interior décor enthusiasts,” Mr Kibaru says.

But perhaps the greatest advantage when it comes to laminate flooring is its durability which, Mr Kibaru insists, is forever.


“Our products are composed of four layers, which ensure the stability and integrity of the flooring. They have life-time warranties,” he says,  adding,  that his company had installed laminated floors in motor vehicle showrooms, airports and churches across the country.

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Wood flooring Growing in Popularity

By Isabella Mukumu – Business Daily Africa, Read More

Gone are the days when a carpet or big rug were used to cover the floor. Today, floor treatment is as important and part of the decor just like the walls.

When thinking of flooring, there are a couple of things to consider including the durability of the floor, how easy it is to clean, as well as how safe it is for children to run around.

The options in the market are many but wood flooring is proving to be the current trend.

Wooden floors have certain advantages over tiled and cement floors mainly due to their smoothness, brightness, stability, high resistance, insulation qualities and flexibility. They also give a natural beauty.

They are also warm compared to tiled floors which can be cold.

Amos Kibaru of Floor Décor Kenya says it is important to buy flooring from a reliable supplier or the factories to avoid phony items.

“There are a lot of products in the market that are imitations and many buyers are falling prey to such products, so it is good to test the product before a purchase is made,” he says.

By Isabella Mukumu – Business Daily Africa, Read More

Ideal Interiors TV on NTV – PERGO Laminate Flooring by Floor Decor Kenya

Learn why PERGO is the best laminate floor available, why it lasts longer than other laminates, why it is the fastest to install (Click Lock System PerfectFold), why it is waterproof (Pergo Sensation), the scratch test (TitanX) and more as Amos Kibaru, CEO of Floor Decor Kenya explains.

Entreprenuer Dumps IT to Sell Flooring Solutions

By Mercy Gakii – Read at ALLAFRICA.COM, by THE STAR

The growing middle class in the country has given a boost to many niche businesses in the construction sector as the quest for stylish and functional finishings and furnishings takes root.

Amos Kibaru, a professional in the Information Technology industry, switched jobs to trade in floor products and services. After being in computer sales for well over a decade, he exited the flooded IT industry in 2009 and debuted into the construction industry setting up his firm, Floor Decor Kenya.

“I learnt about pergo flooring while on my global errands, as I bought and sold computers. This is a type of flooring that is more common in temperate lands due to its ability to keep your feet and house warm during cold seasons,” he said in an interview at his office along Kijabe Street. He is among the few distributors of the product in Africa.

He notes that the traditional wood flooring has lost appeal over time due to its character of tearing off, and even being prone to ants. On the other hand ceramics are slippery when wet and are also becoming less popular.

Most of his customers, he says, are those who researched a lot online about floors, and those who have at some point in their lives resided abroad, and know exactly what kind of product they are looking for. A smaller number of his clients are new home-owners who have purchased homes through mortgages.

By Mercy Gakii – Read at ALLAFRICA.COM, by THE STAR