Six ideal Areas for Our Acoustic Flooring Options

Six ideal Areas for Our Acoustic Flooring Options
Acoustics is an important consideration when specifying flooring and should be evaluated based on the needs of a particular environment. An environment with good acoustical control supports the activities and goals of that space. Noise is typically defined as unpleasant and unwanted sound.
Along with being virtually waterproof, durable, low-maintenance, and soft underfoot, Mkeka wa Mbao™ and Marmoleum offer a less-known benefit: peace and quiet! a sound absorbent co-efficient of between 19 and 20 dB. Acoustically-friendly floors grant a more peaceful experience for a variety of situations and settings
The two most important acoustical factors to consider when specifying flooring are the product’s sound absorption and noise reduction capabilities. While many people focus solely on the floor’s appearance and basic qualities, it is also worth paying attention to the acoustic performance of the flooring you are considering.
Sound treatment is a key design consideration for almost every building, regardless of industry, in order to reduce noise disturbance and enhance sound quality. Selecting acoustic flooring materials is crucial to effective sound treatment.
Let’s take a look at the top 6 settings that could greatly benefit from soundless acoustic range of Mkeka wa Mbao™ and Marmoleum flooring.
Offices and Businesses
Have you ever walked into a business set in a large room with tile floors where you could hear every footstep and voice echo? Along with being unforgiving on feet, tile floors bounce sound waves and can lead to that echoing sensation. Our flooring options help absorb sound and create a more inviting, peaceful business atmosphere.
Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, most people desire an inviting, functional, and quiet environment. Footsteps overheard at night when you are trying to sleep, music thumping through the ceiling, or hearing someone cough even though they are upstairs are all signs that your home’s flooring needs an acoustic upgrade.
It goes without saying that libraries are expected to be quiet! Picture an expansive library outfitted entirely with tile floors. What a cold, loud atmosphere that would be!
Recording Studios
For recording studios, hard flooring is the gold standard. Carpet causes problems since it wears out quickly due to heavy foot traffic and absorbs high frequencies, thereby negatively affecting sound production and quality.
Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities
Hospitals and aged care facilities can be noisy. From beeping machines to patient interactions to staff discussions, these settings can be places of significant unrest.
Loud, echoing footsteps and voices in a school? Not a good mix. To learn, students need a safe, quiet atmosphere.
The right flooring choice can have a major impact on the overall function and atmosphere of your setting. With their high durability, pleasing aesthetic appeal, and acoustic-friendly features, our range of flooring might make the ideal choice for your home or professional setting.

Forbo® Marmoleum Linoleum Flooring Helping to win the fight against Hospital Acquired Infections

Healthcare is among the most challenging environments for the Admission and Discharge community to service, and with good reason. Interior finishes must be hygienic and provide for the health and safety of patients, visitors and staff. The flooring must be tough enough to withstand the daily, around-the-clock pounding from rolling and foot traffic and still be easy to maintain.
When designing healthcare facilities, we think of safety, function and aesthetics, sterile environments are meant to be safe and germ/bacteria free. Marmoleum Linoleum is a floor covering that meets these criteria and is no stranger to designers. Introduced more than a century ago, today’s linoleum is harkening a new generation of specifiers as a durable, all-natural alternative to resilient flooring.
Marmoleum ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria stems from the natural raw materials that go into its production, namely linseed oil,pine resin ,wood floor and jute . An inherent property of the product, the anti-bacterial qualities of Marmoleum won’t diminish over time, giving peace of mind and constant protection from the moment it is installed.
Marmoleum Linoleum has received the British Allergy Foundation’s Seal of Approval due to the fact that they do not harbour bacteria or dust mites, contributing to healthier indoor environments.
The major attribute of marmoleum that makes it applicable to medical centers and hospitals is its sheet production. The sheet application allows for minimal seams and, therefore, offers less opportunity for bacteria to hide in grout lines or floor seams. Additionally, this allows for better maintenance options than other flooring.
Linoleum is made from natural materials such as linseed oil, jute, cork powders and tree resins. The product is antistatic, hypoallergenic and does not emit potentially harmful VOCs, so it contributes to good indoor air quality.
Similar to other resilient floors, linoleum comes in multiple fresh hues, and the color and pattern extend through the entire thickness of the product. When specified in roll goods, marmoleum allows for flowing designs and adds natural influences to otherwise harsh environments. Like resilient and rubber, marmoleum can be waterjet cut with intricate patterns and inlays.
Forbo® Marmoleum flooring is considered to be an asthma and allergy friendly flooring choice. In fact, Marmoleum flooring is the only floor covering that is certified to be allergy and asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America® (AAFA), making it is safe for adults, children, and pets with allergies or asthma.
Floor Décor Kenya offers a full portfolio of products suitable for use in general circulation areas within healthcare establishments. From reception areas and corridors which are subject to heavy footfall, to canteens and family waiting rooms that require a more relaxed atmosphere we have a range of products to meet your needs.

Let’s welcome our Brand New Digital Printed 3D Beauflor aka Mkeka wa Mbao Vinyl rolls Collections.

Are you ready for our new collections on the block? Digitally printed Mkeka wa Mbao™ are here finally!!! Our exclusive new digital printed vinyl provides you with infinite possibilities in terms of designs, which would be impossible to achieve through conventional printing techniques. Floor Décor Kenya offers you a new dimension spectrum of colors and designs, still featuring, all the product performance benefits of our standard Beauflor® ranges. The possibilities in terms of designs are as varied as you could wish. As for the colour range, it is impressive and seems to offer an infinite variety all this made possible by Floor Décor Kenya Limited.
Discover our two revolutionary new approaches to design, in vinyl floor coverings. Collections include Skyline, Moonlight. With traditional printing techniques you always have a visible repeat in the pattern which can be perceived as artificial, whereas with digital you can truly imitate the continuous patterns you can obtain with modular floors such as laminates or parquet. Conform to an ultimate standard of perfection for beautification of floors in an artistic way.
Floor Décor Kenya Digitally Printed Flooring is an economical Printed vinyl floor covering range offered in a Popular for its low cost the new digitally printed Floor conforms to an ultimate standard of perfection for beautification of floors in an artistic way.
This timeless marble design authentically recreates the natural marble found in Volakas, Greece. Available in two tones, black and white, Marble creates a feeling of luxury which is equally at home in a modern or traditional setting. Marble will never go out of style, but in the last 5 years we have witnessed a boom of marble utilization in interior design, that has went far beyond counter tops and bathrooms. Designers all around the world have been inspired to create innovative and unusual marble design objects. More than that, marble has become a fashion trend, and marble texture has become a print pattern.
The Moonlight collection of vinyl flooring was inspired by the latest trends. Specially created by Beauflor® in-house designers, it is an exclusive collection for residential use you won’t find anywhere else. Its mode of printing ensures no repetition, yielding an irregular that’s an advantage when it comes to flooring. It’s the best way to pull off a natural-looking floor. Our Moonlight Collection offers you looks you can’t get with traditional printing processes.
If you are looking for a seamless and beautiful vinyl floor that can be installed anywhere in your home, the Beauflor® vinyl rolls floors are the right option for you. Floor Décor Kenya will continue to avail the latest breakthrough technology in the flooring industry just for you. Why go out when staying at home feels so good. A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor.
Finally! Patterned Vinyl that’s Awesomely Pretty!!!!
As usual pop in at any of our showroom countrywide Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Nanyuki.

Wood flooring Growing in Popularity

By Isabella Mukumu – Business Daily Africa, Read More

Gone are the days when a carpet or big rug were used to cover the floor. Today, floor treatment is as important and part of the decor just like the walls.

When thinking of flooring, there are a couple of things to consider including the durability of the floor, how easy it is to clean, as well as how safe it is for children to run around.

The options in the market are many but wood flooring is proving to be the current trend.

Wooden floors have certain advantages over tiled and cement floors mainly due to their smoothness, brightness, stability, high resistance, insulation qualities and flexibility. They also give a natural beauty.

They are also warm compared to tiled floors which can be cold.

Amos Kibaru of Floor Décor Kenya says it is important to buy flooring from a reliable supplier or the factories to avoid phony items.

“There are a lot of products in the market that are imitations and many buyers are falling prey to such products, so it is good to test the product before a purchase is made,” he says.

By Isabella Mukumu – Business Daily Africa, Read More

Entreprenuer Dumps IT to Sell Flooring Solutions

By Mercy Gakii – Read at ALLAFRICA.COM, by THE STAR

The growing middle class in the country has given a boost to many niche businesses in the construction sector as the quest for stylish and functional finishings and furnishings takes root.

Amos Kibaru, a professional in the Information Technology industry, switched jobs to trade in floor products and services. After being in computer sales for well over a decade, he exited the flooded IT industry in 2009 and debuted into the construction industry setting up his firm, Floor Decor Kenya.

“I learnt about pergo flooring while on my global errands, as I bought and sold computers. This is a type of flooring that is more common in temperate lands due to its ability to keep your feet and house warm during cold seasons,” he said in an interview at his office along Kijabe Street. He is among the few distributors of the product in Africa.

He notes that the traditional wood flooring has lost appeal over time due to its character of tearing off, and even being prone to ants. On the other hand ceramics are slippery when wet and are also becoming less popular.

Most of his customers, he says, are those who researched a lot online about floors, and those who have at some point in their lives resided abroad, and know exactly what kind of product they are looking for. A smaller number of his clients are new home-owners who have purchased homes through mortgages.

By Mercy Gakii – Read at ALLAFRICA.COM, by THE STAR