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Disvantages and advantages of Mkeka wa Mbao flooring

The advantages and disadvantages that a buyer need to know before purchasing Mkeka wa mbao vinyl flooring . DiSADVANTAGES  1. Mkeka wa Mbao™️ doesn’t like moisture from  underneath and flooding , though it’s water proof on the surface the weakest point is water going under its surface, if flooding occurred you need to  uninstall your […]

What is Pre Stressed Concrete?

What is PRESTRESSED CONCRETE? In basic terms, prestressed concrete is concrete in which high strength steel reinforcement is stretched and anchored to improve the structural capacity. The internal stress created by the embedded steel reinforcement greatly improves the performance and service of the product. Why/when is it necessary to “STRESS” concrete? In general, concrete does […]

Constructing on Black cotton soil in Kenya

CUT COST  by 50% BY USE OF   SUSPENDED FOUNDATION.   Constructing on Black cotton soil in Kenya. Black cotton soil is found abundantly in most regions in Kenya. Black cotton soil tends to soak water during the rainy season and expand and shrink during the dry season. This expansion and shrinkage creates up and down […]

Introducing Beam 2 beam flooring system (BBF)

  BEAM TO BEAM FLOORING SYSTEM –FLOOR DÉCOR KENYA INTRODUCTION Beam-to-beam flooring (BBF) can be described as an economic, safe and functional system currently being utilized in slab construction both locally and internationally. It comprises of high performance pre-stressed concrete beams, concrete hollow blocks and a topping that work together to result in a robust […]