Original PERGO® Laminated Floors No Scratch Test

You are moving stuff around at home, dragging chairs and tables trying to get a new style and design going on for you, then after you are just about done, you step back and take a look at your space….. it is at that very dramatic point you notice all the scratches on your floor. They are all over!!! It’s a total disaster. Well, how about you get to move your stuff around with no restrictions and most importantly no scratches. Thanks to the Original PERGO® laminate floors Made in Belgium and distributed locally by  Floor Decor Kenya, you can have your beautiful wooden floors stay just the same, as good as new.

I have a tiny very creative niece who is at that age where she loves to draw on things! On the walls, on my clothes and yes she does have a go at my tiling too (I’m sure most of you can relate) So she’ll pick up a pen, crayon or a marker (depending on her mood) and draw her ABC’s and 123’s at a corner of the house. This then pushed me  to find a solution because clearly the “stop it” and “don’t do that sweetie” weren’t really working out for me or my tiles.

I made my way to the Floor Decor Kenya website and started having a look at the options they had for me. The beautiful wooden floor laminate available in 84 different design  looked perfect but the major selling point was that they were easy to clean and they acquired no scratches as compared to other products such as Bamboo and the likes in terms of durability.

No scratches on original Pergo laminate flooring

Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sReG5EwDRGk

My first thought was take my money!

Me being a firm believer of seeing is believing, most times reading or hearing about something doesn’t really cut it. So here is a link to a demonstrative YouTube video showing the very profound difference in terms of scratch resistance between Floor Decor Kenya’s PERGO® Original Laminate With Titan X  Surface Protection and other Laminate  flooring  products in the market .



If you are aiming for durability then the Original PERGO® Laminate flooring is the thing for you. You don’t have to worry about scratch marks that put off your whole home design and style, how about you save some money and time and go straight for some beautiful wooden PERGO® floors.


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