Lets Cover Cold and Slipery Ceramics Tiles with Cushion Vinyl Flooring in Nairobi, Kenya

Its Cold Season again in Kenya and with the global warming its had become more colder on our beloved Country than ever before  …..you probably wondering what to do with the Cold Ceramic tiles Floor Decor Kenya has brought in a new Product Called Cushion Vinyl Flooring .. you can now cover cold tiles and enjoy a warm beautiful floor with Beau Cushion Rolls made in Belgium.

Renting out an apartment,Office or house sometimes does not give you the chance to explore or rather venture into new home designs, You basically stick to the very same style you found the house in to avoid any issues with your landlord and maintain the chances of getting your deposit back. This unfortunately really limits what you could have going on in your space, considering you are paying for it you basically own it (well at least till the next month’s rent) so I believe most of the time it’s only fair you get to put some modern feel into your space, but who said it has to be a decor touch that requires weeks of construction? Here’s where BeauFlor  Cushion Vinyl Flooring Made in Belgium Distributed by Floor Decor Kenya comes in! Let me ease you into it.

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring in the kitchen

Beautiful Cushion Vinyl Flooring in the Kitchen area

Beautiful Vinyl Flooring in Living Area

Beautifully Installed Cushion Vinyl Flooring in Living Area

Vinyl flooring is a new type if resilient flooring in the market. Resilient flooring has been a round for quite some time being described as simply artificial composite floors such as rubber, plastic, PVC, linoleum. Vinyl is the latest addition to this type of flooring being produced in many parts of the world, especially North America and it makes its debut offering much more style, durability and affordability as compared to its predecessors.

I’m sure when you hear the word, affordable, you want to know exactly how affordable. Well due to the excitement we share for this new flooring product in all our branches Nairobi,Nakuru ,Eldoret ,Kisumu ,Meru and Soon Mombasa  we sure aren’t here to hold back any details. The prices of the Vinyl flooring depends on the wear layer which is determined by the kind of condition the particular floor will be used.

  • The wear layer for moderate traffic area is less and comes with a 5 year warranty guarantee, Wear layer is 0.15MM and  2.5mm thickness and this goes for Ksh.1,000 per sq meter ideal for Residential Homes .
  • The wear layer on a more traffic area is 0.40 mm much more thicker at 3mm and comes with a 10 year warranty guarantee and costs Ksh.2,100 per sq meter.

The beauty of the Cushion Vinyl flooring is that they look exactly like the real deal when well installed. If one wants either in inspire tiles/ceramics  effect or inspire woods floor effect, vinyl flooring provides opportunity for both , they come in rolls of Either 2,3 or 4 meter wide by a length of 30 meters . It’s also an added advantage that they are quite easy to install with no glue needed simply requiring a clean, hard, smooth and dry floor its zero maintenance does not stain and its None slip so its ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchen too.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video on how you can easily install them into your living space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLLll6OItfU

Easy Vinyl Flooring Installation Video

Easy Vinyl Flooring Installation Video

Being an added major plus the Vinyl flooring is cushion based hence soft on the feet and is also very conducive for crawling babies as compared to hard stone/tiled floors.

Cushion based Vinyl Flooring at Floor decor Kenya

Cushion based Vinyl Flooring at Floor Decor Kenya


Thanks to the wear layer, if you end up having spilled drinks maybe during a party or just a clumsy situation (I have these situations a lot) you can simply wipe the spilled drink with no worry of stains forming.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof so it can be placed in any area of your house be it the kitchen, living area or bathroom. For me that saves a lot of time and money instead of looking for different products for different spaces. All you have to do is pick any design from the vast styles available at Floor Decor Kenya in Nairobi. I’ll race you there!


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    Christine says:

    Am delighted in the product l ddt want something that wll bring cold in my house. Give ua tel that wr can talk

  2. Eric (exquisite interiors)
    Eric (exquisite interiors) says:

    How much per square meter for the beau flor? kindly WhatsApp me @0721876375 the varieties and different colours,quoting their prices

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